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Virtual Swim Challenge 2021

In 2021, we are introducing a brand new race format that will allow swimmers all over the world – nageurs sans frontières – to come together and challenge themselves to go further. Be part of this worldwide movement to achieve the impossible!I

Registration opens on 3 Feb 2021

The Race begins on 15 Feb 2021


Virtual Swim Coach

A Free 12-week Companion Training Programme for all Virtual Swim Challenge Contenders!

Includes Weekly Videos and Online Training Plans for Your Category!

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Virtual Swim Coach Pro

Upgrade to the FSU Virtual Swim Coach Pro at USD29.70 (USD9.90 per month for 3 months) to enhance your training through interactive online workshops, before and after video analysis and step by step skills coaching.

With FSU Virtual Swim Coach PRO, you get:

  • Video Content based on weekly theme
  • Training Workout based on weekly theme
  • Step by Step Drills based on weekly theme 
  • 2 Video Analysis Reports (before and after)
  • 1 hour Zoom Video Conference with Q & A session monthly
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