The Race is ON!

Feb 14, 2021

Swim Expo Asia presents the "Swimming Beyond Borders" Virtual Swim Challenge 2021.

Starting 15 February 2021, swimmers go through an 12 week distance accumulating swim challenge from any location and are able to enjoy a companion training programme, the Virtual Swim Coach, delivered at Fishlike Swim University!

Coach Tang Siew Kwan shares more about the 12 Week Online Course and what you will enjoy in the Virtual Swim Coach and if you choose the Pro upgrade, you can enjoy before & after video analysis, monthly online workshops and special drills to practise to improve your swim skills during the challenge!

All the above represents Series 1 in the Swim Expo Asia Virtual Swim Challenge! In Series 2, Swim Expo Asia will present a borderless swim race in your own location in May 2021! More details will follow.

Sign up for the Swim Expo Asia's "Swimming Beyond Borders" Virtual Swim Challenge 2021 today!

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